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A Wordless Story

A Wordless Story    £20.00
Each time Atlantic Press design a new book we commission an icon to represent that publication. The icons build into a picture story. To celebrate reaching our 21st icon we present the first installment of the story here. To add some originality to the book’s design we reproduced all the images with rubber stamps.  (WORD)


Sophie’s Story by Belinda Whiting gives an account of her daughter's life and early death, aged three. Written to assist the mourning process and confronting loss and grief it is nevertheless a celebratory reflection on a young life. Using simple words and a large sans serif typeface, alternating with photographs from the family album, it was written to enhance understanding (particularly for a younger audience), of the reality of a short life that was both ordinary and exceptional. (£9.99 + P&P)  (SOPHIES)

Micanopy Murders Book One

Micanopy Murders Book One    £9.99
Art & Story by Elizabeth Blue The Micanopy Murders: Book One written and illustrated by Elizabeth Blue is the first issue of a darkly humorous murder melodrama set in the small North Florida town of Micanopy. During the heat and oppression of the summer storms, a killer stalks the night and takes violent and seemingly random victims in partnership with the tropical storms. Two of Micanopy's townsfolk get bewilderingly ensnared in the crimes as Rich seeks the killer of his late wife and the young Misty Waters struggles with mysterious and disturbing nightmares. Can the latter be the key to the murders? Find out and more in this graphic novel series which begs to be read again and again.  (MICA)

The Authorial Illustrator

The Authorial Illustrator    £10.00
10 years of the Falmouth Illustration Forum. The Authorial Illustrator seeks to reassert illustration as a developing practice; working against the tendency for the discipline of illustration to be seen as a repetitive commodity where the illustrator is presented with an already clearly defined concept. Each year the renowned Falmouth Illustration Forum has created a theme which explores a different face of authorial illustration practice, shedding light on different aspects of the work of an authorial illustrator, the development of an illustrator’s individual voice and the assertion of their personal characteristics of authorship. ‘I think what you’re doing is really important, in redefining and re-validating illustration as a profession.’ Jonathon Rosen. The Authorial Illustrator is a not-for-profit publication. The price contributes to production costs only. £10 + P&P  (AUTH)

Beyond the Wire
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Beyond the Wire    £11.99
‘...and when we lost them, not one by one but in the dozens, I would say: “not to worry lads, I’ll write us some replacements.”’ Alys Jones has authored a meta-fiction based on the First World War, a visual conversation with the poets and our collective historical knowledge of the years 1914-1918. Boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred. The content is heightened and redirected by the form of the pages, cut away as if explosions have torn the fabric of the narrative, revealing new image combinations, and generating new meaning. The book serves as a purgatory, a narrative no-man’s land for the characters, who inhabit a fictional narrative outside of ‘real time’. "A brilliant recreation of scenes from the Great War. Powerful, moving and critical. We need more like this in these dark modern times where the response to today's conflicts is invariably apathy or neo-jingoism." Pat Mills, Author of Charley's War  (WIRE)


HOWL ON THE WIND    £12.99
The long-awaited second novel by Charmian Hussey, bestselling author of ‘The Valley of Secrets’ tells the dramatic story of Lizzie’s incredible courage and perseverance against all the odds, set on the rugged north Cornish coast. Illustrations by Rose Forshall  (HOWL)

The Case

The Case    £5.99
The Case by Helene Pertl is a book that marries form and content in an exploration of trauma and time. An unstable open binding holds the sections of the book together, and eventually disintegrates, physically drawing the reader into the narrative. ‘A quietly violent book, a catastrophe made poetic by presenting it as a collection of fragmented hallucinatory texts and carefully observed drawings of banana skins, which are sprawled and contorted in wildly uncomfortable positions’ Stephanie Black ‘Rear View Mirror’, Varoom £5.99 + PP  (CASE)

The Riddlers
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The Riddlers    £9.99
A menacing sequence of drawings is accompanied by a hand-drawn poetic text which seems to explore the awakening from a dream. A work of graphic literature. Softback / Edition of 1000 £9.99 + p&p  (TheRiddlers)

Drawing on Water
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Drawing on Water    £11.99
A work of poetic graphic literature based on the theme of the waters edge, presented in a slip-cased edition. Hardback, accordion fold in slipcase / Edition of 250 copies £11.99 + p&p  (DrawingonWater)

A Book Made of Tears

A Book Made of Tears    £9.99
A Book Made of Tears by Dean Owens A pocket-sized dark and beautiful sequence of drawings which explores the theme of crying. A work of graphic literature. Hardback / Limited Edition of 500 hand numbered and signed £9.99 + p&p "thought provoking, emotionally and intellectually engaging, visually rich in its curiosity." John O'Reilly  (TEARS)

A Postcard from The Mountains...

A Postcard from The Mountains...    £9.99
A Postcard From The Mountains with The Mountains Tipp-exed out BY Richard Dinnis £9.99 + P+P 'Viv Stanshall, Samuel Beckett, Stanley Unwin and Ivor Cutler are dead, but Richard Dinnis is alive and comparatively well (touch wood). So all in all it's not a bad old life.' Robert Mason  (POSTCARD)

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Coasters    £8.50
An illustrated anthology of poetry ‘It is unusual to come across an illustrated anthology which is so coherent and well choreographed – Here poetry aligns with image and text far beyond the poems.’ Valeria Melchioretto Softback, Edition of 1,000 (p+p)  (Coasters)

Phantom by Laura Wady

Phantom by Laura Wady    £9.99
A personal enigmatic expression of the feminine. A highly collectible work of graphic literature with hand screen printed front cover available in a limited hand numbered edition of 500 £9.99 + P&P  (PHAN)

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RATIO    £4.99
RATIO A pan dimensional film guide. Soft back / edition of 1000 An imaginary film magazine which ingeniously presents intriguing and amusing fictitious interviews,features and reviews from the international movie scene. With 62 illustrations in pen and ink. Softback / Edition of 1,000 copies £4.99 + p&p  (RATIO)

Something Amiss On The Moor by Stephen Braund
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Something Amiss On The Moor by Stephen Braund    £11.99
36 page hardback. Tells the story of three strange children and a peculiar journey they take across a barren windswept moor. Published 1998 Edition of 1,000 copies (p&p)  (SAOTM)

Speckled Egg
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Speckled Egg    £9.99
The best illustrated stories are the perfect balance of text and image, where each supports and enriches the other and neither is redundant or superfluous. In The Speckled Egg, the innovative approach to storytelling cleverly combines the economical use of pictures and words with the reader's natural instinct to 'find' the story in a given sequence. A wonderful idea and a cracking success. Graham Rawle, Author/Illustrator  (SE)

Fried Eggs in Brine by Paul Slater
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Fried Eggs in Brine by Paul Slater    £24.99
An illustrated nonsense book: "The drawings and paintings in Fried Eggs in Brine show us, if we needed to be shown, that things don't come much dafter than war. They also demonstrate that the necessarily palatable nature, of much of Slater's commissioned work, is only part of the picture." Robert Mason Paul Slater is one of Britain's most popular and highly regarded artist / illustrators. He has been described as a great example of an illustrator whose work exudes personal authorship with original perceptions and intelligence. Paul works in the traditional pictorial way, employing formidable draughtsmanship and academic painting skills. £24.99 (+ p&p)  (FEIB)

The Funeral
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The Funeral    £4.99
by Barnaby Richards Comic Book, 20 page soft-back, staple bound. The Funeral pictures the paradoxical events surrounding the disappearance of a loved one. New publication Edition of 1,000 copies  (TF)

Grimm's  Fairy Tales
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Grimm's Fairy Tales    £4.99
36 page soft-back. Featuring the stories 'Mr Korbes', 'Cat and Mouse in Partnership' & 'The Fisherman and his Wife '. Published 1999 Edition of 1,000 copies  (GFT)

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