Graphic Literature Prize

Every year since 2004 Atlantic Press in association with University College Falmouth, has awarded the Graphic Literature Prize to a first time author/illustrator.

For the past two years the prize has been judged by Robert Mason and Atlantic Press.

Previous winners:

2004 Barnaby Richards 'the Funeral'

2005 Tom Barwick 'Ratio'

2006  Dean Owens 'A Book Made Of Tears'

2007 Anna-Kaisa Laine 'The Garden Sketchbook'

2008 Richard Dinnis 'A Postcard from The Mountains with The Mountains Tipp-Exed out'

2009 Laura Wady '[phantom]'

2010 Helene Pertl 'The Case'

2011 Joint Winners - 'Beyond the Wire' by Alys Jones and Elizabeth Blue's 'Micanopy Murders'